NIce Guy Erwin




When it comes to Miami Nightlife only the strongest of DJs survive, and Erwin leads the race amongst his class with ease. The Nice Guy navigates each crowd seamlessly, crossing genres at the highest level, and never losing a step. He has proven himself time and time again, earning residencies from world renowned venues such as Club Space to current hotspots like Shots Miami and The Dirty Rabbit Wynwood. Erwin has also displayed his unique skill set on the grand stage, as he was chosen to perform halftime shows for Copa America Centenario and El Clasico, two high profile events in the sports world. Erwin has burned up dance floors alongside celebrity DJs such as Jazzy Jeff, EDX, Malaa, and Tchami. Furthermore, the Nice Guy is no stranger to the corporate market, as he works with T-mobile as their event sound curator. Erwin shines bright in the land of saturated DJs, and it won’t be long before the rest of the world joins in on the party.



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